Billionaires for Buchanan, Millionaires for Mast: It’s May Day!

In the spirit of May Day today we celebrate the vast improvements in labor conditions and the numerous achievements this movement has made since the first May Day labor strike 132 years ago. At the same time, we recognize the disservice Brian Mast and Vern Buchanan have done to workers in their congressional districts by voting to support the #TrumpTax.

The #TrumpTax is Robin Hood in reverse. Florida’s working families will pay $535 million next year due to the tax increases in the #TrumpTax. Meanwhile, the average tax cut for Florida’s richest 1% next year is $98,480 – almost twice as much as the median income in Mast‘s and Buchanan’s districts.

Today, we stand with workers around the world to celebrate May Day, and we hope you’ll join us in that spirit by helping hold Brian Mast and Vern Buchanan accountable for picking the pockets of workers to benefit the richest 1% with their TrumpTax votes.