Health care advocates urge Congressman Vern Buchanan to protect the health of his constituents

SARASOTA – Health care advocates and concerned constituents held an action at Congressman Vern Buchanan’s Sarasota office Thursday demanding Buchanan protect the health of his constituents. The action was organized following a string of attacks on health care from Congress and the Trump administration.

Planned Parenthood is taking the Trump-Pence administration to court to fight for the more than four million people who depend on Title X, the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive health care. The Trump administration is also pushing for a domestic ‘gag rule’, which would bar health care providers from referring patients for an abortion or even discussing abortion as an option.

“The Trump-Pence administration can’t just ignore the law. Not only is what they’re trying to do illegal, but it would have devastating consequences for patients and could threaten health care for millions of people,” said Stephanie Kight with the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates. “These changes to the Title X program – if not stopped – will hurt women and their families in Florida and beyond.”

Advocates with Floridians for a Fair Shake also highlighted Congressman Buchanan’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Had it passed, more than two million Floridians would have lost their health care coverage by 2026, including 64,000 in Buchanan’s own congressional district.

“The Trump administration and lawmakers like Vern Buchanan continue efforts to repeal and sabotage the Affordable Care Act. But more people are learning that the law is working for them, which is why it has gotten more popular than ever,” said Maxwell Frost, spokesman with Floridians for a Fair Shake. When Congressman Buchanan supports efforts to sabotage affordable health care, he is harming the families in his district.”