ICYMI: The New York Times Tells Us Who Benefited From The #TrumpTax (Hint: The Rich)

Sarasota — Grassroots organization Floridians for a Fair Shake, advocating for an economy that works for everyone and affordable health care for all, is highlighting today’s devastating New York Times editorial outlining the effects of the disastrous #TrumpTax. From the editors:

The idea that the tax cuts were going to line workers’ pockets was always a mirage. Most people will enjoy only a modest and temporary tax cut — families earning $25,000 or less will save on average just $60 on their federal tax this year, and those making between $48,600 and $86,100 will save $930, according to the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. Families in the top 1 percent, on the other hand, will save an average of $51,140.

As we’ve noted before, working Floridians will receive an average of $360 from the #TrumpTax, a minuscule fraction of the $9,500 for a Marine Membership at the Sarasota Yacht Club, where we believe Congressman Vern Buchanan might keep his brand new multimillion dollar yacht. (The one he bought the SAME DAY he voted to give himself a tax break on THIS SAME tax bill.)

The Times lays out the whole sordid results of the #TrumpTax, but we wanted to be sure you saw it.

Read the whole editorial: You Know Who The Tax Cuts Helped? Rich People

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