ICYMI: Vern Buchanan Bought A Yacht the Same Day He Voted for the #TrumpTax Bill That Gave Him a Windfall

Florida Politics reported a bombshell story late today detailing how Congressman Vern Buchanan purchased a yacht the same day he voted for the #TrumpTax bill that gave massive tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations — like himself. Here’s their story:

Vern Buchanan bought yacht after voting for GOP tax bill

According to the disclosure, Buchanan spent between $1 million and $5 million purchasing an Ocean Alexander yacht on Nov. 16, 2017, the same day he joined 226 other Republicans and no Democrats in voting in favor of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

While the tax plan was pitched as helping the middle class, it does so only minimally and temporarily if at all. For the nation’s highest earners and for corporations, however, it was a magnanimous change in policy.

Count Buchanan among those benefitting bigly.

It’s no secret that Buchanan, who represents Florida’s 16th Congressional District, is a wealthy man. According to a Roll Call report, his $73.9 million net worth makes him the eighth wealthiest member of Congress, and by far the wealthiest from the Sunshine State — U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney is $19 million behind in the No. 11 spot.

Given his net worth and income, progressive group Tax March estimated that the bill would save him up to $2.1 million on his taxes.

That’s most of the way to a yacht, which likely trended toward the higher end of the reported range given that Ocean Alexander’s least expensive model — the 70-foot 70E Motoryacht — has a base price of $3.25 million.

Buchanan hasn’t said much about the tax plan in the months since it passed.

Nor has he said much about his party affiliation — in the TV ads he’s released for his re-election campaign, he’s cast himself as an effective bipartisan lawmaker and as an independent leader without ever mentioning that he’s a Republican.

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