Six-Figure Ad Buy Starts Today in CD-18

WEST PALM BEACH Floridians for a Fair Shake, a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to educating voters in Florida’s 18th Congressional District on Congressman Mast’s positions on health care and taxes, released its first television ad today highlighting Mast’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The ad focuses on $153,000 in campaign donations that Congressman Mast received from insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The ad also highlights Mast’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would result in letting insurance and drug companies profit from rising health care costs. A report also found that ACA repeal would lead to older Americans paying five times more for the same coverage, which the AARP dubbed as an “age tax.”

“Congressman Mast talks a good game on health care, but his voting record belies his words,” said Bill Sauers, President of Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and an Advisory Committee member of Floridians for a Fair Shake. “We’re exposing his real record — that he’s collecting obscene amounts of cash from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and in exchange they get to gouge aging Floridians.”

The ad begins running Tuesday, May 15 in the West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce media market. It will also appear online in a number of outlets.

The ad can be seen HERE.

Floridians for a Fair Shake advocates for an economy that works for everyone and ensuring access to affordable health care for all. Through grassroots organizing, local events and paid advertising our coalition is working to keep constituents educated, engaged, and empowered.