NEW AD: Congressman Vern Buchanan Purchases New Yacht On Same Day He Voted To Give Tax Cuts To Wealthy  

Ad Part of Campaign To Educate Constituents About Congressman Buchanan’s Vote To Give Tax Cuts To Wealthy Corporations at the Expense of Working Floridians

SARASOTA — Today, the grassroots advocacy group Floridians for a Fair Shake is up with a new television ad highlighting Congressman Vern Buchanan’s purchase of a new multi-million dollar yacht on the same day he voted for the Republican tax bill that gave tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations at the expense of working families.

The new spot, “Same Day,” illustrates how the Republican tax bill that Congressman Vern Buchanan helped write enriched him personally during the time he was purchasing a multi-million dollar yacht. The ad comes as companies post billions in record profits, increase CEO pay, and purchase record stock buybacks for shareholders, while working Americans’ wages stagnate or decline.

“Congressman Vern Buchanan must explain why he voted for a measure that would benefit himself and other wealthy individuals and corporations at the expense of working Floridians across the state and in his own district,” said Stephen Gaskill, Communications Director for Floridians for a Fair Shake. “Voting to give yourself a massive tax cut on the same day you purchase a multi-million dollar yacht is the height of corruption. Floridians that are losing their access to quality, affordable health care as a direct consequence of Congressman Buchanan’s vote for the Republican tax plan should be outraged.”

Polling shows that the Republican tax bill is losing popularity. Some Republicans have also chosen to stop touting the measure on the campaign trail altogether.

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