New Billboard Campaign Reminds Working Floridians About Vern Buchanan’s Purchase Of A Multi-Million Dollar Yacht The Same Day He Voted For The Republican Tax Bill

SARASOTA — Congressman Vern Buchanan’s new multi-million dollar yacht has hit dry land, and it’s on display in Sarasota.

A new billboard sponsored by grassroots organization Floridians for a Fair Shake reminds voters that on the same day Congressman Vern Buchanan voted for the #TrumpTax last year — giving himself a massive tax break — he also purchased a multi-million dollar yacht.

“Congressman Vern Buchanan voted to cut taxes for the wealthiest one percent (himself included) — then bought a yacht. That same day,” the billboard reads. Drivers can see the billboard at Old US 301 (CR 683) S/O Saunders Rd., near the Buchanan Sarasota Ford dealership that Buchanan still owns.

“We know Congressman Vern Buchanan is wealthy, but voting to cut his own taxes and then buying a multimillion dollar yacht the same day is incredibly dismissive of most of his constituents that are experiencing rising health care costs,” said Stephen Gaskill, Communications Director of Floridians for a Fair Shake.

“I see millionaires celebrating that tax cut, but that’s not me,” said Tina Steele of Sarasota. “I’m glad Vern Buchanan is taking care of his own but what about the rest of us?”

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