New Campaign Launches to Expose Congressman Brian Mast’s Record of Voting Against Working Families

April 3, 2018


Campaign launches to educate constituents on Mast’s support for repealing the ACA and support of the #TrumpTax

WEST PALM BEACH –– Today, community advocates announced the launch of a new campaign, Floridians for a Fair Shake, to educate and inform constituents in Congressional District 18 about Congressman Brian Mast’s votes on health care and the new #TrumpTax law.

“This is a multi-pronged campaign that will remind Congressman Mast’s constituents that, time and again, he voted to put wealthy corporations and millionaires ahead of working Floridians,” said María Torres-López, a spokeswoman with Floridians for a Fair Shake. “Trading cuts to Medicaid and Medicare for a tax cut for the wealthiest corporations is a bad deal for all of our families.”

Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured people in the nation and ranks 48th in health care coverage, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Representative Mast’s vote in support of the American Health Care Act (the Republican bill introduced to replace the ACA and voted down in the Senate) would have resulted in an estimated 2 million Floridians losing health insurance coverage, including 74,800 in his own Congressional District.

“Mast’s support for legislation that undermines health care for Floridians shows where his priorities lie,” said Laura Goodhue, a longtime health care advocate and Advisory Committee member with Floridians for a Fair Shake. “Mast’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act would have cut coverage, increased costs and eliminated protections for tens of thousands of Floridians while granting the wealthy, along with insurance and drug companies, nearly all of the whopping $600 billion in new tax breaks.”

Adding insult to injury, the deficit-exploding tax bill that President Trump and Congressional Republicans, including Mast, passed into law repealed a key provision of the Affordable Care Act that required most people to have health coverage, meaning there will be more people without coverage, higher costs and devastated insurance markets. An estimated 873,000 Floridians could lose coverage by 2025 as a result, including tens of thousands of Mast’s own constituents.

Despite promises from President Trump and congressional Republicans, working Americans are not feeling the benefits of the GOP tax bill. The tax benefits provided by the #TrumpTax overwhelmingly support wealthy individuals and corporations, while working families are left behind.

“Through grassroots organizing, local events and paid advertising our coalition will keep constituents educated, engaged and empowered,” said Torres-López. “Citizens in the 18th District need to know that Brian Mast has been ignoring their interests while voting in virtual lockstep with President Trump.”