Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more than seven million Floridians have quality, affordable health care.

From eliminating lifetime limits on insurance coverage to ensuring more affordable premiums, the ACA has helped millions of Floridians gain access to health insurance and afford life-saving care.

Yet, despite how much his constituents have benefited from the ACA, Rep. Brian Mast voted for a bill that would have gutted the law, kicked millions off the care they need, and left the people he was elected to represent in peril.

As health care advocates, we will not ignore his vote.

The future of our country’s health and financial stability relies on the ACA. That’s why we are continuing to engage our neighbors and speak out against efforts to sabotage the landmark law.

We pledge to keep calling, marching, and rallying in support of the ACA — and we need your help to ensure our representatives help protect our care.