SARASOTA — Congress voted today on a package of tax reform legislation that continues the giveaways to the rich and wealthy corporations at the expense of working Floridians. Floridians are already outraged that Congressman Vern Buchanan used the last Republican tax law to enrich himself and purchase a multimillion dollar yacht, while access to health care for Florida families becomes increasingly out of reach thanks to Buchanan’s votes and GOP efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act. Buchanan is more interested in passing another massive giveaway to the wealthy, rather than protecting and strengthening critical programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. As Republicans use rising deficits to justify further cuts to health care, education and other critical programs that protect the most vulnerable, Buchanan has the nerve to support even more tax cuts for the wealthy while also calling for fiscal responsibility.

Floridians for a Fair Shake Communications Director Stephen Gaskill issued the following statement on Vern Buchanan’s self-serving legislative priorities:

“One thing about Congressman Buchanan — he’s consistent in his goals. He’s shepherding another piece of tax break legislation that benefits himself and his rich cronies, leaving working Floridians behind. Health care is costing more in Florida thanks in part to Buchanan and his Republican colleagues who have repeatedly attacked and undermined the Affordable Care Act. This latest Republican tax scam will further swell the growing deficit, increasing the burden on future generations. Now that he has a new luxury yacht, maybe Vern will upgrade his private jet if this new tax bill passes.”

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