Are Brian Mast and Vern Buchanan calling Donald Trump, with whom they have voted 93.5% and 98.6% of the time, respectively?

Are they calling to congratulate him on his 500th day in office?

Do you think they are thanking him for the #TrumpTax, which gave massive tax breaks to billionaires, millionaires, and wealthy corporations?

Are they thanking him for the health care repeal effort, which would have kicked 2 million Floridians off of health care?

Or are they thanking Trump for the ongoing health care sabotage, which will raise premiums on Floridians by 16.9%, or $1,011, in 2019?

Do you think they called him? Do you think they would be proud of their votes on the #TrumpTax and #HealthCareRepeal?

Really, what do you think?